Why choose Foot-FX?

Active 50+ couple wearing custom orthotics
Marathon Man Alvin Burnard in 1982.
Canada Post delivers with help from custom orthotics
A couple wearing custom orthotics in dress shoes.

1. Certified Pedorthist (C.Ped).  Certified Pedorthists are governed by international bodies that set standards of practice by their Code of Ethics that ensures accountability and your protection. 


2. Complete in-house process. From start to finish, the same qualified individual performs the assessment, impressions, corrections, makes the orthotics and follows up to your complete satisfaction.


3. Custom crafted. In a "one size fits most" world, we take pride in individually hand crafting your orthotics from actual models of your feet. We do not have a glossy catalogue of orthotic types, but build each pair from the slimmest most durable materials available to suit your footwear & lifestyle. 


4. Insurance Coverage. There are many individuals and health care professionals selling orthotics that are not recognized by insurance providers.  In most cases, a Certified Pedorthist is recognized to assess and dispense custom orthotics.

Interior of the Foot-FX reception area
the C.Ped certification logo