CAMBRIAN sandals & shoes.  Only in CANADA, eh!



There are dozens of orthopaedic sandals on the market with removeable footbeds but very few that will accomodate your standard shoe orthotic. The Cambrian has the depth and rigid rocker sole to allow you to move your custom orthotic back and forth to your shoes.

Cambrian Barcelona Sandals












CAMBRIAN Barcelona 2. (Ladies) (msrp $199)

(Black* or Brown)

Cambrian Agean Sandals











CAMBRIAN Agean 2. (Ladies) (msrp $199)

(Black, Brown or Taupe*)

Cambrian Delphi Sandals
















CAMBRIAN Delphi 2 (Ladies) (msrp $199)

(Black*, Brown or Taupe)

Cambrian Kona Sandals















CAMBRIAN Kona (Ladies) (msrp $199)

(Black, Brown* or Taupe)

Cambrian Marina Sandals
Cambrian Marina Sandals

 CAMBRIAN Marina (waterproof) (Ladies) (msrp $169)


Cambrian Mariner Sandals

 CAMBRIAN Mariner (waterproof) (mens) (msrp $209)

(Brown/Green* or Black/Orange)

Cambrian Summit Sandals

CAMBRIAN Summit (Mens) (msrp $239)

(Black Pebble* or Brown)

Cambrian Navigator Sandals

CAMBRIAN Navigator (Mens) (msrp $239)

(Black Pebble or Brown*)

* Colour Shown



One of the best casual shoes available for men.  Comes in 4 widths (D,EE,4E,6E) and half sizes from 7 to 15 for optimum fit.  Leather upper.  Rubber sole.  Steel shank.  And great looks for a great price.

Cambrian Freelander Oxford

CAMBRIAN Freelander Oxford (Mens) (msrp $209)

(Pebble Brown* or Smooth Black)

Cambrian Freelander Oxford

CAMBRIAN Freelander Oxford (Mens) (msrp $209)

(Pebble Brown or Smooth Black*)

Cambrian Freelander Oxford Velcro

CAMBRIAN Freelander Velcro (Mens) (msrp $209)

(Smooth Black. EE width only)

Jepara lover? It's back!

Cambrian Genesis Ladies
Cambrian Genesis Mens

CAMBRIAN Genesis (Mens or Ladies) (msrp $189)

If it looks like a Jepara, walks like a Jepara, and quacks like a Jepara, it must be the new CAMBRIAN Genesis.

Cambrian Ultra

Cambrian Ultra
Cambrian Ultra

CAMBRIAN Ultra (Mens or Ladies) (msrp $199)

The all new for replacement for the ever popular Etonic Minado. The most stable shoe you can wear. Available now in D, EE and 4E width.

Cambrian Ultra

CAMBRIAN Ultra. Ladies white and Mens mesh walking shoes available now.

Cambrian Ultra

CAMBRIAN Ultra Ladies mesh walking shoes available now in B, D and EE width.