Custom Orthotics in Sandals

Now that spring is finally appearing, many of my patients are asking if they can wear their custom orthotics in sandals.The simple answer is yes if the sandal has a removeable footbed but there are a few caveats.  


First and foremost, the footbed in the sandal must come out.  Look for brands like Cambrian, Biotime, Portofino, Finn Comfort, Romika, Mephisto and others.  Of these brands, the best one to just pop your existing shoe orthotic into and wear is the Cambrian as it has the depth & stiff rocker sole to work.  Most of the other brands require the orthotic be made for & fitted to the sandal so it fills the space left when the manufacturer's footbed is removed.  The good news is once you have made an orthotic for one of these sandals, it will fit most of the other brands as well & you should get many years of service from your investment.


Sandals without a removable footbed can function with your orthotic if you are determined to make it work with velco and/or carpet tape but appearance takes a back seat.